After having a contest for the best drought resistant lawn in Burbank, we received lots of important questions. Today, we invited Mike the Gardener from Burbank to talk about drought resistant lawns and what’s going on this season. In this video, we’ll give you tips on how you can conserve water this season.

This time of year, plant preparation is important to consider for the future. What you do now affects what happens in the following spring. Take care of the soil, add fertilizers or mulches, and garden new plants early. Gardening plants early helps them benefit from naturally occurring processes, including natural rainfall and cooling temperature of the ground. From moisture and a relaxed temperature combined, spring flowers will form better, more organic roots. This process, if repeated every fall, will help conserve water gradually over time.

Additionally, it’s a good practice to check your sprinklers and choose the right plants for your garden. Use the best plants suited for the climate you live in.