What Is a home inspector’s role in a real estate transaction? What exactly happens during a home inspection?

According to Michael Keshishian, the creative director of Advanced Group Property Inspections, home inspectors are essentially the doctors of a home sale. They will arrive at a home that is under contract and take pictures of every aspect of that home, from its architecture to its electrical and plumbing components, to inspect its safety. If you are a buyer, their main responsibility is to make sure your future home is safe to live in. 

Beyond that, they also look for general maintenance issues in a home. Certain defects are cosmetic and do not require any repair, and it is up to the buyer to decide whether these defects need to be repaired at all. Other defects, though, like a cracked driveway or an HVAC unit which is recalled, might require special care in order to be repaired. In that case, the home inspector will refer you to a specialist to take care of it. 

“If you are a buyer, their main responsibility is to make sure your future home is safe to live in.”

During the home inspection process, the home inspector will give the buyer a verbal walkthrough of the home. You don’t have to be there the whole time—an entire inspection usually takes a couple hours—but the inspectors at Advanced Group Property Inspections advise you to be on-site at some point so your inspector has the chance to talk to you and pinpoint what you can expect to see in their report. 

After you receive their official report, you will have the chance to order further inspections and talk with your Realtor to decide which repairs you want to request from the seller or whether you want to request a credit from them. This report also gives you a good idea of what you’re about to invest in. Think of it as a timestamp of a record of your future property.

On the flip side, inspections can be useful to sellers, too. Ordering one for your home before you put it on the market will give you an idea of what the buyer’s inspection will uncover.

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