Did you know that 98% of Los Angeles home searches now begin online? This is the first impression your home will get from a potential buyer and likely the first place you will look for your next home. While websites like Trulia and Zillow are great for doing research on homes that already have sold, their information on current market statistics isn’t really all that current or accurate.

These sites all have different equations and algorithms for how to get an estimate for your home. The problem is that they don’t always have up-to-date information. The information they are getting on homes is from 3-6 months ago.

If prices have dropped in your Los Angeles neighborhood in the last few months, this will not reflect the actual value of your home in the current market.

For buyers, they also don’t put price reductions up right away and they don’t update information on homes that are pending sales. You may be looking and asking about properties that have long since been sold.

It’s important to talk to a real estate expert about what the true value of your home should be. Our team can give you up-to-date information and a current market analysis of all the homes in your area.

If you want to know more about how to get an accurate price on your home, please give us a quick call or e-mail. We would love to give you more information.