Please help us welcome Courtney Korb to the team! Joining her dad, Courtney Korb will be taking on all the hiring and training of new Buyer Agents in the role of Sales Manager. She will also be handling all online leads resulting from online marketing.

Having recently purchased a home, Courtney shares with us her experiences as a first-time home-buyer with the hopes in helping new buyers prepare for the biggest purchase of their lives. Here are her tips:

Explore the neighborhood(s) you are considering – drive around at various times of day; research the schools, shopping, city management, parks and recreation and amenities. Do they suit your lifestyle?

Get pre-approved by a local lender – this will help you pinpoint a price range so you can narrow down your search for what you are looking for and what you can afford.

Identify which features of a home are important – so you can be able to differentiate quality features from cosmetic ones. Simple fixes may not cost too much to resolve whereas you can recover a much more significant return on your investment with some features.

Don’t expect perfection – rather be realistic and keep an open mind. Small fixes are easy to manage and as long as you can overlook them you can find a great deal on a good home!

Sometimes it takes more than one try – at times the first home you make an offer on is not the perfect home. Don’t get anxious about it, just move on to the next home!

~ We look forward to introducing you to Courtney the next time you come into the office to discuss your real estate needs! See you soon…