Hey everyone, thanks for joining us again. This video is for the sellers out there. Today we are going to teach you how to deal with multiple offers on your home.

Since there is such low inventory in LA, it is a great time to sell and receive multiple offers on your home. We try to give everyone an opportunity to submit an offer on your home that wants to, and if there are multiple bids, we let each party know so everyone can submit their highest and best offer, and we can drive up the price.

When dealing with multiple offers, it’s also critical to look at the buyer. Do they have a pre-approval letter with the offer? Do they have substantial funds? How much money are they planning on putting down?

We want to help guide you through the process and find the best offer for you. I’d love to speak to you personally about it in a little more detail. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. Bye for now!